Are you looking for an exciting new healthcare position? If you are a talented, passionate, dedicated medical professional who wants to find an exciting, rewarding career in medicine, we want to talk to you! We are currently seeking to fill multiple positions within all of the following categories:


  • Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs (CNA Jobs)
  • Medical Physician Jobs
  • Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs (LPN Jobs)
  • Travel Nurse Jobs
  • Medical Assistant Jobs
  • Home Health Aide Jobs
  • Nurse’s Assistant Jobs
  • Home Caregivers
  • Residential Care Center Caregivers
  • Dental Assistant Jobs
  • Dental Hygienist Jobs
  • Many More Exciting Positions Available!

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  Why We Have So Many Jobs Available

 In the United States, healthcare is an industry that never slows down. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, healthcare is always needed. Talented nurses, nurse assistants, Medical Physicians and other healthcare staff must be available at all care centers to take care of emergent and non-emergent patients. Because of the urgent nature of healthcare jobs across the country, and the expansion of the population within the United States, the number of jobs we have to offer is consistently increasing. Because of the number of jobs available, we can choose to offer only the best jobs.

You’ll Work with Top-Class Professional Medical Staff

We take the time to make sure that everyone who works with us, whether within a Medical Assistant job or RN job, is placed in their chosen job appropriately. That means learning about you, your needs, your goals, and what it is you hope to accomplish in your career. Because of this, your position will allow you to work with other Certified Nurse Assistants, Doctors, Registered Nurses, and Medical Assistants with the same goals and paths. This means you will have plenty of opportunity for networking, too!


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CNA Jobs Available

 We have jobs available for dependable, intelligent and compassionate CNAs. CNAs, also known as Certified Nursing Assistants, are the lifeblood of a hospital, private home healthcare setting, or care facility. While they don’t complete surgeries or prescribe medication, they are able to make patients comfortable and clear up small tasks so that Registered Nurses and Physicians can. If you enjoy working in teams or as a part of a group working towards a similar goal, and you are interested in a CNA job, we can offer you a great job and a great salary. Salaries start at $22,000, and may range as high as $30,000 for the right CNA job placement.

HHA Jobs Available Now


Home Health Aide jobs extend the role of healthcare in the patient’s life. They allow one-one-one medical support to be given from home. Because of Home Health Aide Jobs, patients have the freedom to recover at home near their family and away from the normal hustle and bustle of medical centers. HHA jobs can also help to shield the immunocompromised from diseases that may otherwise be caught from within a hospital setting. Further, seniors and the elderly may choose to remain at home, rather than spending end-of-life or palliative care in the hospital. Simply put, Home Health Aides help to create a warm, comfortable, and healing environment, right from the patient’s home. If you are a talented HHA, looking for a once-in-a-lifetime HHA job, contact us right now!

Caregiver Jobs Available Now

 Caregiver jobs are held by some of the most flexible staff to be found in hospitals, residential treatment centers, and the community. While a caregiver job is not staffed by someone specifically trained as a doctor would be, within the scope of a Caregiver job, employees do receive training. Most Caregiver jobs are staffed by people who come from a wide variety of different educational backgrounds. Some choose to pursue Caregiver Jobs after becoming Medical Assistants, Registered Nurses, or even Licensed Practical Nurses. Others pursue Caregiver jobs first and foremost after certification. Most caregivers have at least a certificate in Caregiving. The certificate they receive largely depends on the type of Caregiving they will be doing. Caregiver jobs can be broken down into several categories, including senior caregivers, family caregivers, or new mother caregivers. Just about any form of medicine has its own unique form of caregiver. Caregivers may take care of everyday tasks, like light housekeeping and providing social company to the patient. They may also take care of basic medical treatments, like wound dressing changes and medication management. Caregivers typically make a minimum of $27,000 per year when they work for us, but this number can range as high as $52,000 per year for the right employee.

MA Jobs Available Now

Within the healthcare setting, the Medical Assistant job is held by the “medical jack of all basic trades.” Those who fill Medical Assistant Jobs can fill just about any basic role within a healthcare setting that is needed from a patient care perspective. Medical Assistants can provide basic feeding and bathing assistance for patients, or they can assist with bringing medication and food to patients. They may also work behind the scenes, managing the office or Nurse’s station. Some Medical Assistant jobs even have employees managing busy clinics or hospital emergency rooms. Medical Assistant jobs do require certification within nearly every part of the United States.


For those of you who have received certification, and those of you who are ready to start working your next exciting Medical Assistant job, we have many positions available for passionate people just like you. You will work in a variety of settings, from clinics to hospitals, care facilities, and even educational settings. We even have positions available within a number of educational settings for those who want to pass their years of experience on to new Medical Assistant job students.

When you work for us within our Medical Assistant jobs, you’ll have the ability to work with professional, engaged individuals with a vested interest in providing only the best patient care. Your salary will start at $29,000, and may range as high as $100,000 or more depending on your experience level and where you are placed. Find out more about our Medical Assistant jobs right now!

LPN Jobs

The LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse, is one of the main patient care professionals found within most hospital settings. LPN jobs encompass caring for patients directly, as well as feeding and bathing them. Busy LPN jobs also allow nurses to provide medication. Within the scope of some LPN jobs, nurses may even prescribe basic medications within the hospital setting. However, Licensed Practical Nurse jobs are not only offered within hospitals. LPNs may also work in private homes, clinics, schools, universities, and recreational facilities.  Our LPN jobs allow you to find the very best job for your individual career desires. With our help, you can make as much as $52,000 or more per year as an LPN. Find out how you can take an active role in LPN Jobs with us today!

RN Jobs

Registered Nurses, make up the bulk of hospital care teams. Often, RN jobs staff people to take take care of nearly everything doctors can except for surgeries or certain medication prescriptions. Registered Nurses attend school for between four and six years, meaning they achieve a high level of education that can allow them to save the lives of patients on a daily basis. Those that work RN jobs often find the job to be incredibly rewarding. While most RN jobs are within hospital settings, some do work outside of the home in the community, in care facilities, or within private homes. The salary for our RN jobs is quite comfortable; RNs fresh out of college will start at about $70,000. However, because we pay based on experience and the specific position you are placed with, this rate may go much higher. We look forward to walking you through the process of starting your RN job and career with us!


Other Careers

We are also offering positions in a number of other professions. If you are seeking any of the following, we want to talk to you!

 Dental Assistant Jobs

Our Dental Assistant jobs will place you in busy dental, orthodontist, and maxilla-facial surgeon’s offices throughout the United States. You’ll be a part of a fantastic team that helps to put a smile on every patient’s face. Salaries for our Dental Assistant Jobs start at approximately $23,000 per year. Find out about our Dental Assistant jobs today!

  • Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

We also have a number of Medical Billing and Coding jobs available. With these positions, you may work from home or from within a medical facility. Many of our Medical Billing and Coding Jobs allow you the choice of where to work, as long as you are able to self-motivate. These jobs can award salaries starting at $25,000 per year. Find out more right now!

  • Other Positions

Just because you don’t see the name of your profession here, doesn’t mean we don’t have a position for you! Physicians, Physician Assistants, and other medical field careers are all offered by our organization as well. Contact us today to find out how we can motivate you and spur you on towards a lifelong career!